Kwestan Jamal Bawan

Born: 1965 Sulaymania-Irak. From1998 live and work in Norway
Studio adress: Møllendalsveien 17, Bergen-Norway
Phone: (+47) 90949515


Art Education:
2007-2009  Master from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, department Fine Art. Norway
2002-2006  from Bergen Academy of Art and Desigen, department Fine Art. Norway
1980-1985  Diplom in Art, Sulaymania Institute, Sulaymania-Iraq


Solo Exhibitions:
2019  Oseana Art & Culture Center, Hvelvet Galleri, Os NO (coming)
2018  Surnadal Billag Galleri, Surnadal, NO
2017  HardingarT Galleri, Utne NO
2016  Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, NO
2013  Galleri Amna Suraka Galleri, Sulaymania,Iraq
2011  Hardanger center of yhe arts, Norheimsund,NO
2010  Gallery N.B. Eidfjord ,NO
2009  The Alvøen project, Gallery Kunst Badet,  Bergen, NO
2005  By the way Gallery, Bergen, NO
2004  IKM International Art- Center and Museum,  Oslo ,NO
2003  Rafto Foundation, Bergen,NO
1998  Harding Puls Gallery, Norheimsund,NO
1996  Sulaymania Museum, North-Iraq
1993  Hewler, Dhok, Zako gallery, North- Iraq
1982  Sulaymania Institute Of The Fine Art, North-Iraq


2018  Performance; Needle as a pencil, Odda, NO
2018 ‘’Skriften på veggen’’The Sups & Storis, Arabisk film festival, USF Bergen
2018  Performance; Needle as pencil, Piraeus House of Literature galleri, Athen
2017  Performance; Needle as a pencil, Kunsthall 3,14, Bergen, NO
2013  100 year anniversary of women right to vote, Fensalen, Bergen, NO
2013  Performance together with the wither Barzan Hastyar. The world project; Public library of Bergen
2005  Performance; What is freedom? During the day of united nation art the faculty of law in Bergen, NO


Group shows abroad:
2019-2020 wlking exhibition with visual artist Carl Martin, Sammenslutning av Danske kunstforeninger i Danmark (coming)
2018  ‘’From Which Direction Does a North Wind Blow’’Piraeus House of Literature galleri, Athen
2018  21th Jalla Biennale International Art Exhabition, Kamiosaki Shinagawa-ku.Tokyo Japan
2010  17th JALLA International Art Exhibition, Kawasaki City Museum, Japan
2005  The exhibition og Harding Puls, Nordic Museum, USA
2005   Streekmuseum opsterlan,  The Nerdaland
1994-2004   Kurdish group of culture, Toronto-Canada
1998  Kurdish group of culture, Tokyo-Japan
1992-1993-1994  A  touring exhibition, Germany


Group shows in Norway:
2018 Paiza Miwan, kurdish group exhibition, Bømlo Literature
2017  Us4, together with Silje Ensby, Solfrid Aksenes, Aud Bækkelund, Pils Gallery, Norheimsund, NO
2017  Arab film festival USF Verftet, Bergen, NO
2017  Kurdish group from Kurdistan-Iraq, Puls Gallery, Norheimsund,NO
2015  Us3, together with Aud Bækkelund and Solfrid Aksenes, Puls Gallery,Norheimsund,
2012 “Responding place” Puls Gallery, Norheimsund, NO
2010  Assumptions, Gallery F15, Moss,NO
2010  KLIMA, Radøy Art Centre, NO
2008  Hardinger artists’’INSPIRERT’’ by Olav H. Hauge and Geirr Tveitt
2007  Norwegian faces Bryggen Museum, Bergen
2006  Bergen By-open 2006 Political Poster Exhibition, Hordaland Art Center, NO
2005  Performance at the UN day, Law Faculty of Bergen
2004  Group Exhibition at BIKS, with International Week, Bergen
2003  Harding Puls members, window exhibition, Norheimsund
2002  Harding Puls Group, Hordaland Art Center Gallery, Bergen
2002  Autumn Exhibition, Oslo
1999  Harding Puls Group, Hardanger Folke Museum


Group Exhibitions in Kurdistan:
1982-1997 A number of group exhibitions in Sulaymania, Hawler, Dhot, Zako North-Iraq

Grants and support:
2018, 2017,2015  One year of the visual artist fond consideration 
2017  One year of the visual artist fond consideration 
2017  Artist residence Hardanger-Berlin
2016  The Municipal of Bergen, project support  
2014  Norwegian Cultural Ministry, project support regarded cultural exchange ; Norway/ Kurdistan
2013  The Municipal of Bergen project support for cultural exchange between Norway and Kurdistan
2013  Local county project support for cultural exchange between Norway and Kurdistan
2013  The Municipal of Bergen, ‘Bergen in the world and the world in Bergen’
2012  Hardanger- Berlin, Artis grants
2011  The Municipal of Bergen, ‘to fine a place’
2010  The Municipal of Bergen, exhibition grant
2010  Compensatino Fund, project support  
2010  Compensatino Fund, project support   
2010  The Municipal of Eidfjord, Artist grant 2010
2009  The Municipal of Bergen , exhibition grant
2009  Norwegian Cultural Minstry, project support
2007  The States’ artist support; establishmentAcquisitions:
2017  KORO, EPHEMERALITY – A Permanent Collection ved Fakultet for kunst og design ved Universitetet i Bergen (UiB)
2010  The Municipal of Eidfjord
2003  Norwegian Cultural Ministry Honor:
1997 The Kurdish Cultural Minister ‘ the women’s day’ group exhibition, Sulaymania, Nord-IraqMemberships:
The Norwegian Artist Association (NBK). The union of visual artist in the county(BKFH) , bboard member of Galleri Puls in Norheimsund. The Kurdistan Artist Syndicate, associated member of Harding Puls(NO). Hardanger Center of Arts. Norwegian Association of Painters LNM